How to Source a Top Assay Development Company

If you are considering outsourcing your product to an assay development team you need to be positive that you are getting an expert service. It is vital to feel safe in the knowledge that your assay development service is clear on each part of your product’s evolution. One great way to stay abreast with this is to opt for a service which gives you a milestone approach to product development, from assay optimisation to assay production.

One more thing to discover about your potential assay development service is whether they have the top capabilities for the assay development of your product. Make sure that the assay development group you opt for have the full selection of facilities which will allow the most exact and accurate development and testing.

There are a number of capabilities that a quality assay development service should be able to provide. These include:

An assay development company who has dealt with several diverse sample types will always be able to supply you with a broad range of knowledge. Hunt for companies that are used to dealing with whole blood, urine, saliva, serum, plasma, culture media and sample extraction. It is also a good idea to investigate assay development groups that have dealt with different applications for example infectious agents, allergens and steroid hormones.

Scientific and highly technical services are not famed for their strong customer communication, but with assay development you have to have a team who will keep you in the loop and involved at every stage, especially if you have to perform a technology transfer to a different facility at any point.

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So, here is a definitive checklist of all the things you need from your assay development company:

We are yet to mention money in this article and, of course, finances are highly important in any assay development process. If your assay development provider cannot help you to sort out a process which will meet both your needs and your budget, look for another provider. Assay development providers who are not able tailor their process, and therefore create more of an ‘off the shelf’ service, will only use up valuable resources on elements not needed by your key objectives. This is why you really must find an assay development service that can give you enough adaptability to suit your precise budget or requirement level.