Professional Internships at Institute For Cultural Ecology

In this era of rapid industrialization which is leading of varied ill effects, aquatic life is the one which is facing threat of survival. Marine conservation is the term which comes to the rescue; it aims at the protection and preservation of ecosystems in oceans and seas. Marine conservation focuses on limiting the human-caused damage to marine life and on restoring damaged marine ecosystems. Marine conservation also focuses on preserving endangered marine species. Reef internship is an internship programs which aims to involve student in marine conservation and gives them an exquisite learning experience at the same time. Reef internship program is designed to introduce college age students (juniors, seniors, recent graduates and graduate students) to works for a nonprofit sector of marine conservation. Interns will be exposed to a wide range of environmental nonprofit activities. Students opting for the reef internship should have a common ambition of making a positive contribution towards the conservation. The law internships is a way for the law firm as well as the individual to see whether one can or cannot fit into the atmosphere and lifestyle of the firm. Gone are those days when theoretical knowledge was enough, today is an era where theoretical knowledge must also not lag behind in practical application of the theory.

All you need is to act natural, relaxed. You might very well end up working at your summer internship firm after college, so acting ‘forced’ and ‘business like’ would go against you in the long term aim. Not only will it give a false impression to the law firm of your personality and attitude which could hurt both you and the firm in the long term, it will also seem very conspicuous. The demand for legal professional is increasing day by day and so is the trend to pursue legal internships. More and more aspirants are joining by each passing second. Our aim at ICT is to get opportunities for the intern that look towards the more global scope of placement rather than mere making money during internship. Different types of legal internship program which are available include Paralegal internship and corporate legal internship. Enrolling in reef internship, legal internships or in law internship, it’s of course an opportunity for you to learn something and for the firm to get some reasonable labor; but at the end of the day, both parties are looking at establishing a long term relationship with the intern by offering a job. It develops a prefect win-win situation for both the parties.

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