Study in Finland For International Students

When it comes to popular destinations in Europe for students, names of countries like England and Germany come to mind. But, there are several other countries in Western Europe that offer very good study opportunities to foreign students. Finland is on such destination.

Finland is one of the high-ranking countries in terms of quality of living. It has a cold climate and shares borders with countries such as Russia, Norway and Sweden. Study in Finland for international students is free of cost at present (it will become paid from 2013). The country provides students from different parts of the world the opportunity to obtain higher education just like the national students – free of cost.

Educational opportunities are available in various fields of study. Students can find information about these opportunities by visiting . On the website there are links provided to websites where one can learn about the courses offered by polytechnics and universities. With polytechnics or university of applied science (UAS) as they are called in Finland, one can submit an application to four different UAS’s at the same time through the online application system.

The student is allowed to apply for four different UAS’s at the same. For example, a student can apply for an engineering program, a business program, an IT program, and a social sciences program at the same time with one application. There is no fee associated with submitting this application.

Students interested in applying in universities can apply individually to each university. The university link on will take them to the page where they can find links to different universities offering programs.

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To be eligible for a UAS program in English, the students need to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. They also need to send to the university a copy of the academic documents that make them eligible for applying. Information about eligibility can be searched on the website of the UAS offering the selected program. Similarly, the website of Universities can be searched for eligibility requirements.

The tests for UAS admissions are held in Finland, in the Finish embassy in the country of residence of the applicant, and through Finnips. Depending on the UAS, all of these options may not be available to a student. Therefore, it is important to check the UAS’s page and if required contact the UAS where the student wishes to study.

Study in Finland for international students is free of cost. However, the student will require money for living expenses. Therefore, it is important to factor in the living cost when making a decision.