Teaching Babies to Read – What Keeps Them Engaged?

If you are considering teaching your baby to read you may be wondering how you will keep such a young child engaged. There are several different ways to keep the program exciting and fun for them. We will look at those methods here.
Use lots of pictures and images to keep your baby’s attention.
While some babies will read plain words without any images or pictures to explain these words better, many babies enjoy having a picture to view after reading each word. This has been a huge factor in the success of many babies. Some of the experts in the field of early childhood reading do not advocate showing babies pictures. They feel that this can make it difficult to teach words that cannot have an accompanying picture. Choose flash cards that do have a picture on the opposite side so you can use them if necessary. The pictures often act as a reward to the baby that is learning to read. First they are shown a word, but when that card is flipped over they can now see what that word actually means. They are able to make strong connections between words and their meanings. Many babies enjoy viewing the pictures and discussing them with their parents.
Use DVDs that are entertaining.
There are several companies making DVDS that teach babies to read. Before you make a purchase try to view sample clips online with your baby to see which DVDs your baby enjoys most. The DVDs should not be boring for your baby because if they are you will gain no benefits at all. It is through repetition and regularity that babies learn to read. By viewing these reading DVDs regularly babies learn to read the words in each volume. It is important that your baby enjoys the DVDs since they can make up a large part of the program.
When you have a series of DVDS that are engaging and fun for your baby to watch, keeping your baby engaged is as easy as playing one of the reading DVDs.
Play games with words to keep it fun your baby.
In order to keep your baby engaged you can play games with words. Foam bath letters are a great way to get in some reading time each day. You can teach your baby many words during bath time. Wooden alphabet blocks can be used to create words through play as well.

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