Where Can MY Child Learn The Singapore Math Method?

There are times when Canada’s standard math curriculum is confusing and difficult for children to master. Each year, millions of parents send their kids to private tutors in the hopes that their children will better-understand the essential concepts of math.

One of the most popular and successful programs is Singapore Math, based on the national curriculum of that country.

Over the years, educational surveys have shown that North American children trail far behind their Asian counterparts when it comes to math scores. That’s why Asian-based frameworks like Singapore Math have become aggressively sought out by Western parents.

The learning of broader concepts is the focal point of Singapore Math. It takes a macro approach to mathematics than, say, the Kumon method that pushes drilling over critical thinking. Therefore, children are forced to think creatively when solving problems, instead of working through them mechanically based on prior memorization.

Your child can access the Singapore Math method through various resources and organizations that specialize in bringing this curriculum to North America.

If you’d like to enrol your child in a school that employs the Singapore Math method, Sunnybrook School is one of the most well-respected institutions currently offering this program. In September 2011, the private school introduced this internationally-acclaimed curriculum to its students. The school reports higher test scores and a renewed interest from its children when it comes to learning mathematics.

Online resources are also a great starting point for parents who wish to learn more about Singapore Math. “” is one of the most trusted and reliable sites that parents head to for information. The popular site has everything from a list of educators to an online shop carrying certified workbooks that introduce you and your child to this renowned curriculum.

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Although online resources and self-bought textbooks work as a good introduction, it is best to enroll your child in a school like Sunnybrook to ensure that you’re getting the full Singapore Math experience. Many educators say the method is most effective when delivered by qualified instructors. The math teachers at Sunnybrook have undergone rigorous training so they can become certified to teach Singapore Math. This is a feature you may not find at other organizations that claim to offer this prestigious curriculum.

No matter which route you take, Singapore Math promises to be an effective program that makes learning fun for your child. So consider immersing him/her in this Asian-based philosophy and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results.